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  Payroll Services  


Hong Kong Central can establish a tailored database for your payroll system and provide monthly calculations of individual net salaries to be paid and summaries of total payments and deductions. We also arrange for direct payment of salaries to employees and maintenance of payroll records, and arrange filing of employer’s annual returns, as well as employee commencement and termination notices to the Inland Revenue authority.

Payroll Services and Solutions

Avoid the capital investment and overhead expenditure required to set up and manage a payroll team and portal with our subscription-based Payroll Solution.

Our payroll service provides an end-to-end, single-source payroll solution to support your business operations and reduce the administrative burden in Hong Kong.

We will make the gross-to-net calculation for you, set aside MPF and fringe benefit payments, distribute the net salary to employees and provide a payslip record. All it will take from you, is one single payment for worry-free payroll processing.

Complete Payroll Solution


Hong Kong Central can help manage your MPF or CPF contributions, Employers tax return processing and employee annual salary summary processing as needed.

Reduce your overhead cost without sacrificing quality delivery for your team with Hong Kong Central payroll solution.

Integrated Compliance Service


Making use of Hong Kong Central's integrated compliance and administration outsourcing solution, we will automatically include the payroll records in your bookkeeping and prepare the annual employer’s tax return for the company and tax record for the employee. We will help ensure that your payroll processing is timely, accurate, and compliant.

What are the advantages of outsourcing administrative company functions to Hong Kong Central Limited?


Reduced HR and IT cost

Reduce your headcount and IT overhead costs by removing the need for investment and maintenance of expensive HR related software and hardware and reliance on internal resource. Outsourcing administrative functions helps streamline the operational functionality and is more cost effective.


Stress-free payroll and accounting support

For many businesses, payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. Chosen correctly, they provide a less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your taxes, and performing a host of other compliant and timely processes. Our expert local staff ensures you receive reliable payroll support and accurate financial reports.

Free yourself from payroll stress, so you can focus on what you love.

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