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  Hong Kong Incorporation  

A limited company is a discrete legal entity that ensures that the liability of the shareholders does not extend to them personally, (unlike a sole proprietorship or a general partnership) and is wholly contained within the company. The incorporation of a limited company establishes a separate legal personality for that company with the same rights and obligations as a natural person.​


  • To register a company, the shareholder(s), whether they are individuals or other corporations, must appoint at least one director, who is a natural person.

  • The director(s) may be the same person(s) as the shareholder(s).

  • Private companies may even appoint corporate directors, provided that there is at least one natural person director.

  • Following the principle of separation of ownership and management, the shareholder(s) may appoint an unrelated director(s).

  • Another office-bearer appointed to the company is the Company Secretary, who is required to be ordinarily residing in Hong Kong.

  • Every Hong Kong company must have a Registered Office and a Company Secretary in Hong Kong.

  • It is highly recommended to appoint a professional service provider, such as Hong Kong Corporate Services to this office, to ensure statutory compliance and good governance.

  • The company name must not be the same as, or similar to any other company name appearing in the Hong Kong Register of Companies.

  • The registration process can generally be completed within 5 working days.

  • Submissions in electronic form are usually processed within the same day, however, the e-incorporation is available to registered users only.

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